Version 2.8 now available on iOS App store

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The latest version of Anna Cares (version 2.8) is now available for download on the iOS App store.

This version has the following fixes/enhancements:

  • Anna now automatically talks about the next notification once the previous one is dealt with
  • Left/right dialogue arrows don’t block other notification options anymore (for the mobile phone version)
  • Surveys can now include numerical responses where a minimum and maximum response is given using a sliding scale
  • Fixes a crash when a survey question using a numerical response is asked with invalid limits
  • Fixes random omissions in relation to Anna’s introductory speeches
  • Fixes further issues around management of repeating activities within the application
  • The addition of ‘confirmation’ option for scripted dialogue responses 
  • Improved Support for scripted content
  • Fixes a possible crash following dismissal of the welcome dialog
  • Fixes Anna complaining about you not having used the app in a while on first use
  • Fixes a possible crash and various inconsistencies relating to Activity views
  • Remind Me Later also works across devices now
  • Minor UI and speech content enhancements