This startup allows you to create your company’s own virtual agent

Create your own virtual agent with Clevertar
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Despite the widespread access to digital tools and online consumer experiences today, the majority of consumers do, in fact, still want to talk to a human being.

When push comes to shove, we want human support and quicker interactions than a typist can produce over and over again. In fact, in a study released by Google, 61% of mobile users admitted they still call a phone number before they make the final purchase.

It’s innate to human beings to want to work with other people. But there lies the problem: your customer service staff can only be in so many places at once. With human error and their inability to remain constant, that’s why your business should consider a virtual agent.

Appearing in the form of an avatar, our virtual agents are the best of both worlds: combining human likeness and appearance and interaction with robotic perfection.

Clevertar’s ‘intelligent virtual agents’ are simulations of human-like conversation partners interacting with people through speech, gaze, gesture, and other behaviours that can communicate not just meaning, but also attentiveness, positive affect, and attraction.

Here are just a few reasons why your business should consider your company’s own intelligent virtual agent:


Countless studies have shown consumers still want a human element in the customer service process. Forwarding all of your interaction to pre-recorded telephone lines isn’t going to do you – or your sales – any favours. Research has also shown people like interacting with virtual characters due to their human-like characteristics.

Perfect Responses

Humans alone come with human error. But, programmed business virtual agents are in essence, technologically developed, removing all instances of human error. They are able to remain constant with the same responses, keeping an upbeat attitude no matter the time or day.


Your avatars can function on a limitless scale. They can appear an infinite amount of times to people, at the same time. Embedding virtual agents actually provides you with a source of scalability so you don’t have to worry about it down the line.

Whether it’s for financial planners looking to guide their prospective clients down different pathways and gather data accurately, or legal personnel that need to ensure they are writing perfectly legal jargon every single time, avatars can be programmed at all business checkpoints for total customer service perfection.

Clevertar: The Virtual Agent Solution

Clevertar has made developing a business avatar as easy and seamless as possible for you. Simply identify your scripted conversations, use the management portal or work with Clevertar to create engaging scripted conversations, and generate access codes that you can deploy to your users. In the process, the Clevertar platform gathers data while it’s happening to report back on how your virtual agent can perform even better in the sales funnel.

While that’s happening, mull over branding options, a content management system, and fully generated data reports to customize the entire experience from start to finish.

And remember this: if 80% of your business conversations deliver 20% of the value, Clevertar helps to shoulder the load.

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