See what’s new in the Clevertar™ virtual agent platform

New Features
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Our team has been working hard to improve the Clevertar™ virtual agent platform. Check out all the latest features below.

Natural Voice and new synthetic options
Choose speech to create more emotion in your virtual agent

Pass-through to web chat
Provide a summary of virtual agent conversations to your web chat operator for faster service times and lower customer frustration

Webpage interactivity via javascript
Make your virtual agent super-intuitive with contextual virtual agent conversations that respond to customer activity on your webpage

Programmable gestures
Create emphasis with conversational animations for a more natural user experience

Power BI integration
Access more visualisations and real-time reporting capabilities for dedicated server instances with third-party party tools, such as Power BI

Embedded YouTube clips
Enhance virtual agent conversations with video clips that play during a chat for a multi-media conversation

Customer prompts
Send SMS or email messages to identified customers for a personalised conversation with your virtual agent

Engage over time
Create your own virtual agent coach who can remember past interactions with identified users

Integration capability
Generate conversations dynamically from third-party API calls; push data to thousands of SaaS services via Zapier

Coming soon
> More beautiful virtual agents
> Greater customisability of web components
> Even more conversation options
> Enterprise-level administrative controls as standard