Our solution

Your employees are too valuable to be having the same conversations, day-in and day-out.

Financial planning and information gathering

When accurate collection and disclosure of information are essential for your new customer relationship, take advantage of Clevertar virtual agents that never deviate from your script, and keep everything on file.

Legal services

Streamline data collection and accurately ascertain individual case specifics. Allow the initial client discovery process to flow seamlessly in-line with standard human interaction.

Specialised training and compliance

Make your online training engaging and behaviour-changing. Clevertar virtual agents offer a new way to deliver training and monitor compliance, and make the difference between your participant ‘reading’ and ‘understanding’.

Health education and monitoring

Clevertar virtual agents engage with people over time, providing education about their condition and checking-in regularly. Now you can offer personalised healthcare support, delivered at scale.

Your application

Use Clevertar in your business to engage with people through scripted content, so that you maximise the value of your support and advice team. If you say it a hundred times, Clevertar virtual agents can say it a thousand times more.

Maximise the value of your support & advice team

Get in touch with Clevertar today to see how our virtual agents can work for you.