Tired of customer complaints or overwhelmed with customer requests?

Frustrated by website bounce rates and wasted advertising dollars?

Clevertar specialised chatbot’s are proven to improve “call to action” conversion frustrations.

How to save $30k

To activate this limited time offer and save $30k off your project, complete the form below.

Here is what you get:

> 1 X Clevertar specialised chatbot, including customisation and branding

> Discovery, scoping and detailed design of a conversational experience to optimise your customer journeys

> Content transformation from your FAQs and/or subject matter expert knowledge into dialogues and intents

> Clevertar knowledgebase of 500 dialogues + 25 hours Natural Language and Understanding (NLU) creation and optimisation

> Customised reporting, data analytics and support for A-B testing (analysis of engagement levels and impact of chatbot)

> This limited time offer is available for any prospective clients that meet the application criteria and apply within the submission dates. Each offer is a total retail value of $30,000 plus GST.

> Only pay for monthly subscription fees*

Monthly subscription fee options include:
$1,000 - Multi tenancy (shared platform)
$3,000 - Single tenancy
These packages are determined by your server or industry data compliance requirements and forecast user metrics. Our team will help select the appropriate package for your solution.

^$30,000 in value applied to your project when signing up for a minimum 6 month agreement

*Monthly subscription fee of $1,000 - $3,000 is determined by your server requirements and forecast user metrics

Apply for the offer

e.g. We have a complicated product structure and a chatbot would help prospective customers understand what is right for them. this would improve revenue by $X p.a.

e.g. Our website has a lot of information and a specialised chatbot would really help our members and customers find the help they need.

Please select all options that apply to your business.
Select the range that best suits your average over a year including times of surges.

Things to know:  

  • You may be contacted to clarify some details
  • Applications close Monday 7th December 2020 at 5pm ADST
  • Successful applicants will be notified on Monday 14th December 2020

Clevertars engage humans in conversation, providing reassurance and advice right when they need it.

With a 1-step deployment within a secure hosted environment, our light-weight web component can be added as a widget to any active website.

Our content transformation experts will work with your team to create a consistent, scalable and positive customer experience.

Your Clevertar will be programmed to amplify web user engagement and sales leading into Q4 for 2020.

Clevertar’s CMS will give you ongoing insights to optimise your chatbot and extend your customer service team.

Our experience shows that customers who engage with a Clevertar have conversations about buying the right product, as well as support for using it.