Lead capture and qualification

Clevertar virtual agents can capture and qualify new leads for your business, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Virtual agents for automated consumer engagement

Our virtual agents are hosted directly on your website, giving you access to a full-time sales representative at the fraction of the cost of a human version.

Countless research has shown that people are more honest, and feel less threatened when interacting with a virtual agent over a real person. This is ideal in the early stages of the sales process as your consumers can make enquiries at their own pace and without feeling pressured.

If high-quality conversations are what convert your customers down the sales funnel, then our virtual agents are the perfect solution to ensure that your online visitors are well engaged.

Virtual agents can promote your products and services, qualify appropriate consumers and gather those all-important contact details so they can be handed to your sales team for follow-up.

Why you should use a virtual agent to capture leads

Engage your consumers

Virtual agents are motivational, trustworthy, behaviour-changing and positive every single day.

Free up your employees

Virtual agents allow your real-life customer service staff to focus on the most important tasks.

Lower your support costs

Virtual agents can deliver your scripted conversations at a fraction of your current costs.

24-7 reliability

Virtual agents work 24-7 and are never tired or require sick days.

100% accuracy

Virtual agents are more accurate and reliable than regular humans.

No repeated training

Simply train your virtual agent once or when you want a script changed.

Is your website referring enough leads

Engage and pre-qualify your prospects with chatbot conversations