Latest Web Portal Changes

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The latest web portal updates have come into full effect and are now available on

The following improvements have been implemented:

  • Privacy labels have been renamed with the addition of ‘Invisible’ setting for coordinators. This change disables the ability for patients to send messages to coordinators connected to them if required. To change this simply:
  1. Click on ‘My profile’ 
  2. Click on the connections tab on the upper right hand side
  3. Choose the patient that you wish to change 
  4. On the right hand side click the drop down menu and change setting  to ‘invisible’
  • Improved visual layout of group listings
  • Additional filters on the insights page for enhanced reporting capabilities
  • An ‘Export to CSV’ button has been added so that any data on the Insights page can be exported to an excel spreadsheet 
  • Improvements to the UI for adding new survey questions
  • General bug fixes and layout improvements