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Clevertar virtual agents engage with people over time, providing education about their condition and checking-in regularly. Now you can offer personalised healthcare support, delivered at scale.

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In partnership with leading academics and practitioners, Clevertar proudly offers its own health coaching programs for chronic condition management. Develop your own, or license a Clevertar program in these areas:

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Clevertar’s virtual agent platform is ideal for situations where consumer engagement is essential, for example, in chronic condition self-management.


Clevertar is the technology provider for the My Diabetes Coach virtual health coach intervention.
Built through a collaboration between the Bupa Health Foundation, The University of Melbourne and Diabetes Australia, My Diabetes coach comprises a virtual health coach named Laura who delivers regular health coaching to people with type 2 diabetes via their iOS or Android smartphone or tablet devices. Laura receives blood glucose readings, monitors the individual over time, and sends alerts to the case manager when concerns arise.

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