Product features

Clevertar technology

Virtual agent

Embody your brand with a virtual person rendered in high-resolution 3D. Choose from 8+ different characters with alternative styles and appearances. Just add your company logo! Alternatively, let us create a custom character of any shape and size to match your specific needs.

Body language

Unleash the power of human conversation through hand gestures and facial expression, all animated in smooth real-time 3D. Directly control behaviour through a large range of motion-captured animations.


Let your virtual agent speak your customer's language with 25+ languages and 50+ voices on offer. Turn any text instantly into lifelike speech with automatic lip sync.

Artificial intelligence

Inject advanced language understanding and other state-of-the-art intelligence into your virtual agent with support for IBM Watson, Microsoft Cognitive Services, and


Reach your customers on any device. Clevertar runs on all modern desktop and mobile browsers, or we can deliver an even richer experience through a custom native app for iOS, Android, or Windows.


Choose from multiple design templates and colour schemes to make our service match your site to the dot. Present your virtual agent in full-screen, embed into an existing space, or position it unobtrusively as a floating widget.


Add a virtual agent to your website in minutes. No website? No problem! Customize and share a virtual agent through email, SMS, and social media links.

Content management

You are 100% in control at all times. Our web-based CMS makes it easy to browse and create new conversations for your virtual agent. Any content updates immediately affect all future customer interactions.

Complex logic

Help your digital human deliver the perfect message based on a combination of customer attributes, previous responses, and logic conditions. No coding skills required!


Automatically reach out to your customers via email, SMS, or other channels based on their preferences and continue the conversation through your virtual agent.


Let your virtual agent remember everything about your customer. Deliver highly personalised experiences over extended time periods and across devices.


Validate your virtual agent before you release it into the world with our advanced debugging tools. You can test all interactions live with the virtual agent as you script them.


Collect data from a completely new channel. Follow users through their conversational journey, view aggregate statistics, and define and export custom reports.


Interface with your virtual agent through JavaScript and REST-like APIs. Exchange data with the host page, trigger events or other services, and export data to third-party integration hubs.


Scale your service without worry. Our rich client architecture supports many thousands of simultaneous conversations and handles traffic spikes with ease.


Your data is yours alone to manage and benefit from. For maximum privacy, ask us for custom cloud-hosted solutions that put you in charge and your data where it's supposed to be.

Pass-through to web chat

Provide a summary of virtual agent conversations to your web chat operator for faster service times and lower customer frustration.

Webpage interactivity via javascript

Make your virtual agent super-intuitive with contextual virtual agent conversations that respond to customer activity on your webpage.

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