Customer care

Reduce the burden on your support staff.

Virtual agents for automated consumer engagement

Our virtual agents are great at answering FAQs, so your staff can focus on handling more complex enquiries.

Your best support staff are experts in the art of conversation. They help customers with their problems by breaking down their issues and providing them with a simple solution in a hassle-free way. Virtual agents are a digital version of your best support staff as they provide reliable and consistent self-service support at any hour of the day. Through a high-quality interaction with a virtual agent you are able to reduce call, email and live chat interactions for your staff.

Create a great experience for your consumers and exceed their service expectations. They'll love having their questions answered immediately and with accuracy.

Virtual agents are flexible, designed for engagement and perfect for any industry where consumers regularly interact with your staff for support in your product or service. If your support staff are often having the same conversations and answering the same questions from your consumers then let our virtual agents shoulder the load.

Why you should use a virtual agent for customer care

Engage your consumers

Virtual agents are motivational, trustworthy, behaviour-changing and positive every single day.

Free up your employees

Virtual agents allow your real-life customer service staff to focus on the most important tasks.

Lower your support costs

Virtual agents can deliver your scripted conversations at a fraction of your current costs.

24-7 reliability

Virtual agents work 24-7 and are never tired or require sick days.

100% accuracy

Virtual agents are more accurate and reliable than regular humans.

No repeated training

Simply train your virtual agent once or when you want a script changed.

Should you consider a customer support chatbot?

Extend your support team and satisfy your customers with automated conversations