Clevertar virtual agents engage with people over time, providing education, training and allowing you to monitor progress.

Virtual agents for automated consumer engagement

If your business has ongoing conversations with consumers where monitoring and compliance are important, our virtual agents are able to educate and support them from the comfort of their own home.

Coaching content can be applied across various industries such as training, finance and health, with appropriate referral to human support when needed.

As well as being able to create your own, Clevertar, in partnership with leading academics and practitioners, proudly offers its own health coaching programs for chronic condition management and they're implemented Australia-wide.

Why you should use a virtual agent for coaching

Engage your consumers

Virtual agents are motivational, trustworthy, behaviour-changing and positive every single day.

Widely accesible

Customers access coaching programs on their own device, therefore it's accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

Lower your support costs

Virtual agents can deliver your scripted conversations at a fraction of your current costs.

24-7 reliability

Virtual agents work 24-7 and are never tired or require sick days.

100% accuracy

Since Virtual agents don't deviate from their script, they provide the correct information every single time.

No repeated training

Simply train your virtual agent once or when you want a script changed.

Our consumer experiences

Reduce the burden on your staff

Contact us today to see how our virtual agents can work for your business.