Statement from Clevertar

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Clevertar is pleased to announce that the voluntary appointment of Administrators has been finalised with the company remaining a going concern and looking forward to a future in innovative digital technology.

Last week, creditors voted in line with the recommendation of Michael Basedow from Pitcher Partners to support the Deed of Company Arrangement as proposed by the directors of Clevertar. This formally concludes the period of Administration, and in accordance with legal statutes, provides certainty for creditors, staff and customers alike.

Although the company continued to trade and its services and development program remained uninterrupted as directed by the Administrators, a voluntary administration did present an air of uncertainty for Clevertar.

Fortunately, it did not seem to adversely impact the support of its customers. Tanya Newhouse, Clevertar’s CEO said: ‘We are grateful that our customers continued to show faith in Clevertar over the past few weeks, and are delighted to say that all have remained on board with us.’

‘Our team also deserves credit for continuing to energetically build, deploy, and support Clevertar’s technology during this period,’ she said. ‘It really is a partnership between us and our customers.’

Clevertar’s directors also took the opportunity to acknowledge the team at Pitcher Partners. Jim Birch, Chairman of the Board, said: ‘Pitcher Partners led the process with diligence and professionalism.’

Meanwhile, Clevertar remains committed to building on its innovative research roots. New deployments are promised in areas that showcase virtual agent technology in everyday life. ‘We look forward to sharing more exciting results when consumers speak about things that really matter to them, like their mental health, or even to simply help them with problems with their internet connection.’

‘The possibilities for empathic and useful consumer assistance using virtual agent technology are almost endless,’ she said.