Clevertar mobile app updated

App update
Reading Time: < 1 minute

A new release of the Clevertar mobile app is now available on the App Store and Google Play. iOS is on a 7-day phased release, so make sure to update it manually if you need it right now.

App release notes:

  • More spacious input fields for dates & times
  • Character lighting has been improved
  • If you switch off the character speech, it will now stay off
  • Fixes a blank calendar in the profile DOB editor
  • Fixes the app possibly crashing when following a password reset link
  • Fixes poorly aligned button touch areas in the sign-out dialog
  • Fixes some refresh issues with the time machine

Other fixes/changes:

  • Fixes accidental duplication of conversations when time-travelling past a daylight savings event
  • Some font sizes have been adjusted
  • Changes in lighting will have a *slightly* negative performance impact
  • Backend error reporting has been improved
  • Launching a new Watson conversation doesn’t make the character always say ‘Question’ anymore
  • Terms & conditions link points to the correct document
  • Date-time responses will be formatted and read -less- incorrectly on mobile devices