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Virtual agent


Extend your team with conversational AI and a friendly face

Automated text-based conversations are engaging, but Clevertar’s foundations in cognitive science is the reason we offer virtual agent interactions beyond text alone. Our Clevertars, like Michael and Sofia above, tap into the need for human communication and give customers a familiar and enjoyable experience that feels less like self-service and more like customer care.

I liked the interactive and human-like nature with amazing links to support. Sofia is very calm and informative!

No need to code – Clevertar™ SaaS platform

Clevertar makes it simple to create a virtual agent for your application. Our platform offers the flexibility to create conversation flows for use-cases ranging from inbound customer support for anonymous users, to outbound checking-in for identified users, and integration options to increase application capability.


Write conversations in Clevertar's CMS


Customise your virtual agent


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We can help with your project

Don’t know where to start? We can help you decide where a virtual agent can deliver results for your customers, and then work with you to bring your own Clevertar to life. Your project will be supported by our in-house expertise in behavioural influence, technical scriptwriting, custom 3D character and web development, so that you can have a Clevertar working for you in weeks, not months.

“I have had a great experience working with the team at Clevertar. From my initial interactions with the team, through product development and product release. I have enjoyed and been impressed with the solutions and creativity the team have proposed.

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