A new release of the Clevertar mobile app is now available

Clevertar app update
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A new release of the Clevertar mobile app is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

App release notes:

  •  Improved character lighting and hair
  • Fixes a rare cause of random failure and stalling of the app
  • Fixes an error that prevented you from sending feedback to us if no program was selected
  • Includes miscellaneous bug fixes and user interface improvements

Other fixes:

  • App error logs are significantly more detailed and include user IDs, so that customer issues can be proactively identified
  • Script variables are now fully case insensitive
  • More consistent behaviour and formatting of in-script [ ] placeholders
  • History correctly updates when Next actions are used to jump to previous dialogs
  • Multiple Profile actions can be safely executed by a script concurrently
  • Improves some error messages and other text in the app (includes Message-type activities and freeform text input fields)
  • App warns you if you are trying to log out without having synced all your responses
  • Time machine only shows if the time machine setting is enabled
  • You can instantly submit freeform responses by hitting done on the keyboard or directly tapping the arrow button (but you need to tap very precisely…)
  • Update to a new major Unity release and all plugins (may improve application stability/performance/user experience)