Konica Minolta - Our Partners in Technology

Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta is a strategic partner and investor in Clevertar. Konica Minolta’s Asia Pacific Business Innovation Centre understands that an ageing population will become increasingly reliant on mobile technology solutions to help people stay in in their homes for longer.

It is an imperative shared by Clevertar. Together, Konica Minolta and Clevertar have formed a powerful partnership that aims to revolutionise the way healthcare is delivered into the future.


Rethinko is an Employment Relations, Human Resources, and Return to Work Consultancy specialising in innovative and creative strategies to improve the employment relationship and achieve better work outcomes. Rather than taking a traditional approach, Rethinko provides targeted solutions that are technology-driven and focus on the future of work.

Based in Sydney and operating Australia-wide, Rethinko is about improving equity and voice in the workplace while also achieving better efficiency, outcomes, and labour productivity. In the 21st century, the role of work has changed for both workers and their employers. Work is more than an economic transaction that can be reduced to input versus output and work capacity. For this reason, Rethinko is all about taking a broader approach looking at the behavioural and human-side of work in addition to the economic and legal aspects of employment. It is only this way that shared-interests can be developed to improve outcomes and achieve greater self-determination.

Rethinko was founded by Grant Porter, a trail-blazer in workplace injury management and Winner of the ReturnToWorkSA Health and Rehabilitation Achievement Award. Rethinko was originally started because of the need to fundamentally rethink the return to work process and broader employment relationship.