Custom Solutions

Clevertar are experts in designing and developing custom solutions and relational agents – ‘clever avatars’ – for healthcare. Relational agents have been shown to attract attention, encourage healthy living, improve adherence to medication and treatment, motivate and empower users.

Our platform is designed to support custom solutions, for example, in long term health coaching, to engage, monitor, and educate consumers.

My Diabetes Coach

Clevertar is the technology provider for the My Diabetes Coach (MDC) virtual health coach system.

Built through a collaboration between the Bupa Health Foundation, The University of Melbourne and Diabetes Australia, the MDC system comprises a virtual health coach named Laura who delivers regular health coaching to people with type 2 diabetes via their iOS or Android smart phone or tablet devices. Laura also receives blood glucose readings, monitoring the consumer over time, and sending alerts to the case manager when concerns arise.

“This program is incredible. You set up weekly appointments with Laura and she talks with you about your health as a diabetic and what any issues might be. I’m currently working on logging my exercise” – Graham Tongs, Program Participant.

Interested in participating?
If you have type 2 diabetes and are interested in participating in the MDC trial, please contact the coordinator via the MDC website:

Anna Cares - Custom solutions for my diabetes coach

Introduction – Custom Solutions

Blood Glucose Module Interaction